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PRATA Riverside Village is an author project in a unique location.


Lisbon's Upper East Side will never be the same.


This is PRATA Riverside Village.


A project by Renzo Piano that is changing Lisbon.



Firstly, because it has ensured a unique position facing the Tagus River.


And it set the tone for a series of investments in its surroundings.



Not forgetting the project that will make Marvila and Parque das Nações continuations of each other.



10 minutes away from Lisbon Airport.


And 5 minutes away from Oriente Station and Beato Creative Hub.



At the same time, in front of PRATA, the Ribeirinho Oriente Park was born, which privileges the enjoyment of the Tagus River, and whose extension will ensure an area of 20 acres, up to the Marina.


The outcome? The enhancement of public space.



There is a given space and time in which property provides us with a prospect of appreciation.


Because there is a process of change: that is evidence of how in a given place, life is better today than it was yesterday.


But not as good as it might be tomorrow.




This is the place; this is the moment.

Welcome to PRATA Riverside Village.

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